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Victoria Film festival even better

This April, the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival is returning for its third year in circulation and it is set for a really rousing marathon of great films! This festival has really began to find its stride since it began and it’s great to see it returning to the area with even more entertainment and social activities to bring to the community again. In 2013, the event boasted 70 movies that were run on seven screens all over Victoria and in addition, it offered live performances by a number of musical artists and mural artist, Stohead who traveled to the event from Berlin.

Victoria TX Independent Film Festival

The festival this year has a range of both short and full length feature films being offered. With over 40 submissions in place, Oscar-nominated works and films that have been featured at some of the most well-known film festivals are included in the mix. The festival chose to reduce the selection this year as a result of commentary offered by last year’s attendees. Some film goers found that they had to forgo seeing some films because they were scheduled at the same time as others and with the decreased intensity of the timetable will enable participants to see more of the films because it will be possible to run films more than once.

The venues are also being edited in this year’s festival. Organizers are attempting to restrict the venues to the downtown area to facilitate the travel from one venue to another. Films that were shown last year at the Victoria Fine Arts Centre created some logistical issues due to the proximity in relation to other venues. This year, the Texas Zoo will play host to a magic show and the children’s films but that is the only exception to the downtown venue selection.

With only two years of history under its belt, the Victoria TX Film Festival has attracted a number of top rated directors, actors and producers to the area. After only two years, the festival is bringing in amazing filmmakers and artists to the area. One of the most interesting features is a documentary film entitled “Self-Medicated”. This project got its start with the filming of a mural painting in downtown Victoria. With the screening of the film in the venture’s origin, this brings it to a full sense of completion and aptly commemorates its brainchild, lending an essence of continuity to the festival itself.

It is delightful to see the support for the event and for all of the participating artists whose work will be featured at the festival. It is because of the depth of talent and brilliance existing in the industry that these kinds of experiences are even possible. They high calibre of work created and presented is an inspiration to all of those who strive to artistic excellence. In addition, the organizers of the event should also be lauded for their tireless efforts in putting together such as great programme. While the event serves as a promotional vehicle for the work itself, it also provides a unique opportunity to draw visitors to Victoria and it is the hope that the festival will continue for many years to come.

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