Technology events that are impacting filmmakers |

Technology events that are impacting filmmakers

In the world of filmmaking, the rapid changes and progress of technology has a huge impact and there are many stories in the news that may not be appearing in the industry rags. People who are making movies need to keep abreast of changes that lay on the horizon so that they know how they might be affected by them in producing videos or movies. Here are a few of the current stories hitting the news that might be significant.

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The web series is fast becoming a contender in the entertainment market as well. These are popping up more and more and getting rather positive acclaim. It is well worth the attention of the average film maker to consider the web series as very direct competition to the film market. Recently, the Independent Filmmaker Project, the parent company of Filmmaker, announced that it will be accepting applications for pitched series in all levels of program development. The rationale is again the gravitation of viewers to more personal devices as opposed to the big screen and again this will impact the film industry in a broad way.

A new online networking tool is being introduced to filmmakers and other creative individuals and professionals that are engaged in the industry. Creative District will enable these professionals to interact online through discussions, collaborative projects, showcase their work and create and resource individual and organizational projects. It will allow them to connect for a variety of different tasks in the way that LinkedIn is established for a broad range of industries to connect online to network and establish relationships to move different aspects of their personal and project goals forward. Users will be able to find specialized talent required, possible funders, equipment, locations and other resources.

A 3D printing documentary that just recently debuted at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, has been picked up with exclusive rights by Netflix. The film, “Print the Legend” was the recipient of the Special Jury Recognition Award for Editing & Storytelling in the Documentary Feature Competition. The film will only be available for streaming via Netflix. Streaming content is quickly becoming popular with sites cropping up all over the place. Recently, a site called Popcorn Time started up then quickly shut down. The complaint among users is that the services are scattered across numerous different lines so it will soon be a battle to see who can find the right recipe and dominate the market. People don’t want to have subscriptions to multiple different services in order to track down the content that they want to see.

It is pretty big news in the social media sphere that Facebook has just bought Oculus VR: ICYMI. This is a technology company that specializes in immersive virtual reality. The purchase was made for about $2 billion and it stands to pay an additional $3 million as well based on an agreement charting specific milestones. While this kind of technology has traditionally been used primarily for gaming, it is sure to be significant in the movie and entertainment industry and a purchase of this nature has just put the big boy Facebook into the movie industry. The product, Oculus Rift, will be able to provide an amazing visual environment to uses which will not require them to attend a theatre and will accessible at their fingertips. It may not be happening in this immediate minute but its something to bear in mind when thinking about the future of entertainment.


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