Deadpool Movie Banned in China |

Deadpool Movie Banned in China

Deadpool, the first true “R-Rated” comic book based superhero film will be making its way to theatres in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, the merc with a mouth won’t be receiving the full debut he wished for. It was revealed today that this film is being banned in China, meaning that Deadpool won’t be able to bank in on the second largest movie market in the world.

Deadpool Movie

The reasoning for this is because China doesn’t have an official rating system for movies that enter the country. It’s up to the leaders of the country to decide which films are best suited for the all-ages theatres in this policed country. This is also due to the fact that the offending content of the film couldn’t be cut without causing major plots in the hole. People must understand that in the comic books, it’s this character that is the most unique out of all. Doing him justice requires doing this character in his natural format, anything less would make for a horrendous film.

Luckily though this film will still be shown off throughout various different places in the globe. The United States, Mexica & Canada are expected to be the three best selling regions for this film. It’ll surely allow for Ryan Reynolds, the actor portraying Deadpool once again to become that much more famous.

Other movies that have been banned in China include Noah, The Dark Knight Franchise, Crimson Peak & many others. Deadpool will be hitting theatres in Northern America on February 12th, 2016. Everyone can expect an incredible action film.