Aquaman Adds on Third Screenwriter |

Aquaman Adds on Third Screenwriter

Warner Brothers, a production studio which has helmed some of the most popular movies in existence has revealed that they’ve added on a third screenwriter to the project. This new screenwriter is David Leslie Johnson, he was a screenwriter on the Conjuring 2 as well as multiple other films.

Though this announcement could either benefit or hurt this film. Will Beall & Kurt Johnstand are the currently two writers helming this project. They’re both penning separate scripts and now Mr. Johnson will also be creating his own script. Warner Brothers will choose which one they wish to use out of all three, but already budget for this film thanks to just this script is rumored to be nearly over budget.

Warner Brothers

Though there are sources that are saying that Johnson is just acting as a third rail on this development track, taking on any tasks that the other two screenwriters might need help with. The fact of the matter is that this film will more than likely be one to remember, it’ll be one that finally marks Aquaman as a notable superhero.

James Wan is directing this film and it stars Jason Momoa. This film is slated to be released on July 27th, 2018 and it’ll be a part of DC’s Movie Universe. There’ll be a new DC Comic book movie released each year after the Suicide Squad which is slated to be released later on this year. Until then you can witness the first entry into DC’s movie universe “Man of Steel”.