Netflix Reviving Gilmore Girls |

Netflix Reviving Gilmore Girls

Netflix is continuing to kick up their nostalgia factor for their media streaming service. This has been a part of their business model for a long period of time now. It was announced a few months ago that Netflix would be reviving Full House, a classic family comedy that will surely be one of the more popular shows released on the platform. Luckily fans of the television series “Gilmore Girls” will also be able to relive the nostalgic factor as Netflix has announced that they’re in works to release four separate ninety minute movies based around the Gilmore Girls.


Gilmore Girls for those whom might not know is a television drama series that fan for seven seasons, during 2000 and 2007 this show reigned as one of the most popular drama television series in its day. Unfortunately due to contract disputes the show was cancelled. The creator of the show, Sherman-Palladino noted many of times in the years after that he’d love to return to the world of Gilmore Girls to give the ending that he always wanted to give fans.

There are also rumors that Netflix could be reviving another comedy television show that used to run on NBC. Chuck, one of the more popular television series watched on Netflix could possibly be making their way to the silver screen. This would prove to be incredible as fans of the show have awaited for a better ending just as the fans of Gilmore Girls have. Hopefully all of these nostalgic shows make their way back to the silver screen via Netflix.

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