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152 Movie Sequels in the Works

Hollywood is well known for delving deep down into their sequels. It’s the only way they seems to be able to earn a consecutive amount of money annually through various franchises. That’s why so many people are now seeing franchise’s such as Star Wars, The Avengers and so many others become “Movie Universe’s”. It’s the simple way of returning profit on an annual basis without having to come up with original ideas. Due to this there are currently one hundred and fifty two different movie sequels in the works.

Independence Day 2

Some of these sequels are worth watching though that’ll surely do well in the box office. Some of those films include 3 Guns, Bad Boys 3, Bad Santa 2, Crank 3, Deadpool 2, Die Hard 6, Furious 8, Finding Dory, Independence Day 2, Indiana Jones 5, Jack Reacher 2, John Wick 2, and Ride along 2, Sherlock Holmes 2 and Star Trek Beyond. There are many franchises that have consecutive sequels planned.

The upcoming sequels that everyone can enjoy include Captain America: Civil War, Bourne 4, Star Trek Beyond and many others. Unfortunately after so many years of cinema it is vastly hard to come up with new original ideas that can grasp the audience just like Star Wars or The Godfather did decades ago. None the less this doesn’t mean that bad cinema is over. Films such as Interstellar, The Departed, Shutter Island and Black Mass all have their moments that are worthy of being remembered in cinema. Hopefully these sequels can resemble the greatness of previous films in the past.

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