Resident Evil 6 Is the Final in Franchise |

Resident Evil 6 Is the Final in Franchise

Resident Evil, one of the most profitable Zombie franchises globally has announced that the sixth installment will be the last in the Wes Anderson series. This means that’ll we’ll see the end of Alice & her journey to destroy the Umbrella corporation. This more than likely means that we’ll also see the end of the Umbrella Corporation which has been awaited for five films.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil won’t be dying with the sixth film though. New Cinema is already planning on rebooting this franchise by making a brand new story. Fans are already hoping that the installment in the series will allow for characters such as Leon and Chris Redfield to truly be brought to life. It’s been a number of years since there has been a truly incredible Zombie film as well, rebooting the franchise at this point could allow for profits to be risen higher than ever before for New Cinema. Wes Anderson has expressed that he also believes it’s time for him to leave the film franchise that he wants to work on new projects. It seems that both parties are pleased with the run they’ve had with the six films.

Unfortunately there still isn’t any word as to when the sixth installment of this film is being released or as to when the reboot of this franchise will even go into pre-production. Any information regarding the future of this stunning film series can be found here, Resident Evil currently is the highest grossing zombie franchise of all time. Ensuring their position in the industry for years to come.

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