Fantastic Four to be New X-Men |

Fantastic Four to be New X-Men

Fox is one of the few studios which owns rights to some of the Marvel comic book characters. Currently they hold the rights to the X-Men & all characters created through that comic, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four. It seems that with X-Men Apocalypse being the final film in the new trilogy, Fox is deciding to use the Fantastic Four and Deadpool as a new launching point for their comic book themed universe.

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This isn’t to say that the X-Men characters won’t return, it’ll only be five years until we see our favorite X-Men characters return to the screen such as Magneto or Professor Xaxier. Allowing for these two other franchises to make their mark on the industry will prove to be profitable for Fox as once they introduce famed X-Men characters again they’ll be able to have a cinematic universe that is all tied in together just as the Marvel movie universe. Both DC Comics and Fox are both trying to replicate what Disney has done with the Marvel movie franchise. Creating a universe that is all connected as one gives fans a tangible feeling towards the characters their watching on screen.

The new Fantastic Four film is right around the corner, aimed for the end of the summer season while Deadpool won’t be arriving until early 2016. A second fantastic four and Deadpool movie are currently lined up at Fox and slated to be released within the four years after 2016. X-Men Apocalypse will be released after the Fantastic Four & Deadpool.

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