Christopher Lee Dies at 93 |

Christopher Lee Dies at 93

Christopher Lee, one of the most distinguished actors in Hollywood has passed away at the age of 93. Christopher Lee is famous for his roles as Count Dooku in Star Wars, Saruman and Dracula. He’s played hundreds of other roles and has the record for most film roles ever played by one actor. His first appearance as an actor came in 1957 when he played Dracula in “Horror of Dracula”.

Christopher Lee

This actor has a life story unlike any others, he will surely be missed and it’s suspected that a movie will be made based around this actor. Before Mr. Lee became a professional actor he was a soldier in WWII for the British, he was quickly promoted to a secret force that resembled that of early days MI6. This means that our famous Sith Lord and Wizard was also a real life James Bond Spy. He originally joined the army with the Finnish Forces, after it was revealed that he was an astonishing soldier the British took him and put him into British Intelligence. He then served a seven year contract as a spy where he became one of the more noted individuals within the British Intelligence Agency.

During his ninety three years he was able to be in more than 270 recorded film credits, those believe that he was in a total of 350 films but the other eight movies weren’t credited to him. All of Hollywood and the acting industry has been mourning this death for the last twenty four hours. He will be one of the most missed actors in existence.

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