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Will Smith Returning

Will Smith is one of the more beloved actors known to Hollywood’s history. Unfortunately being a good father has backfired on Mr. Smith during the last few years as he tried effortlessly to give his son & daughter a career in Hollywood. None the less the Northern American public didn’t approve of their skills as actors and now it seems that Will Smith is getting the hint. Will Smith is now starring in a brand new film to debut in 2015 called “Focus”.

W smith

Focus sees Will Smith’s character “Nicky” is a con man who is looking to just make enough money to survive, he has no intentions of going to do that one con that sets you wrong. Along the way you see Nicky meat a woman called “Jess Barrett” who eventually is taken under his wing to learn all the cons but things do eventually get complicated for the both of them when they get romantically involved. This sets pace to a film that is full of action, romance, love, sex appeal and so much more. It is sure to be the film that sets back his career in full motion.

Will Smith is also playing in a series of other roles in order to get his career back in motion which it surely will. Within the next upcoming years you will see Mr. Smith in Focus, Concussion, Suicide Squad, Hancock 2, Bad Boys 3 & The American Can. These six new films won’t just allow for people to remember what an incredible actor Will Smith is but it’ll also allow for him to make countless other incredible films long into the future.

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