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The Interview

History has been made today that has unfortunately resulted in one of the more highly demanded films of 2014 to be cancelled. The Interview starring James Franco & Seth Rogen has been pulled by Disney in almost every movie theatre across the globe. The reasoning for this is because Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea & Cyber Terrorists have made a series of threats to Sony & North America that if they didn’t pull the movie from theatrical release that there would be terrorist attacks of 9/11 proportion.


The reason these threats were made is because in the film “The Interview” the characters played by Mr. Rogen & Mr. Franco has to assassinate the leader of North Korea. This to the North Koreans is extremely offensive as well to the terrorist organization as well. This is a shame as those who have seen the film has said that it is an absolute blast but none the less this film won’t be released in any way what so ever.

There is one place you will be able to see “The Interview”. Cinema’s in Montreal have purchased English & French versions of the film, already have paying for it the choice is up to them as to what they will do with the film. That is why The Interview is still going to be shown in Montreal, there is no word if anywhere else in the world will be doing the same thing. None the less it seems that this is a movie that will forever be lost, all of the actors & those working on the film will still be paid resulting in a major loss for Sony.

This proves that this company is willing to sacrifice a large amount of money over the lives of innocent civilians.

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