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Matt Damon Returning

Matt Damon will be returning as Matt Damon which was revealed by Universal Studios earlier on this week. This shocked many fans of the series as Matt Damon openly said that he would never return to the series if he was asked, after a number of years Universal Studios thought that this would forever be the case which is why they rebooted the series with Jeremy Renner.


Those who were fans of the new Jeremy Renner “Bourne” film won’t have to worry about the new star of the franchise going away anytime soon. Universal Studios now has plans to create a new Matt Damon “Bourne” Film and a new Jeremy Renner “Bourne” Film. Each film will be released back to back with each passing year, Universal Studios says that they plan to create a universe where these characters can interact with one another. This means that we could see a Bourne Film that resembles the likes of “The Expendables” or “The Avengers”.
There is no word as to when the new Matt Damon “Bourne” film when begin shooting as they’ve just recently begun working on the script. The Renner film has been pushed back until 2017 in order to allow for the Damon film to be released first in 2016. This means we can expect the new film to roughly come around in the summer months of 2016.

We’ll update you on information released regarding both of these new installments in the Bourne Franchise.

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