Fantastic Four Remake Well Under Way |

Fantastic Four Remake

The Fantastic Four Remake is already well under way into its filming schedule. The movie which is slated to be released in the 2015 Fall Season has already been filming for the last month and today it was revealed what Doctor Doom would look like. It appears that the new Fantastic Four film is getting it’s fair justice as the new Doctor Doom truly looks scary to the eye which is what the character is supposed to represent. Unlike the two previous installments of the Fantastic Four, this installment and remake will take a gritty look to the world of the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four

The filming of the Fantastic Four has been very secretive, no information hasn’t been revealed about the plot line and there hasn’t been any footage released to fans of the superhero fighting group. This version of the film will take a realistic approach to the Fantastic Four universe. You also have to remember that Fox owns the rights to the Fantastic Four which means we could always see Dr. Doom take on the likes of the X-Men or pair up with various X-Men Films. It would prove to be funny to see Dr. Doom and Magneto fight one another in a super villain face off.

Regardless what we do know is that from the few images we have seen it looks like the new remake of the Fantastic Four will be an incredible super hero film that could very well spark new interest into the comics themselves.

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