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Comic Book Movies

Do you remember when “Batman Begins” or “Iron Man” was released to cinemas back in 2007? Those two movies sparked a genre that has grown into something much bigger than itself. The majority would agree that any superhero or comic book movie made before 2007 shouldn’t be considered a part of this genre as they do poorly in almost every aspect. This year was no different as a number of different Comic Book movies were released to the general public. Movies such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy. Both of these films did incredible in the box office which only confirms that comic book movies are continuing to grow in popularity. Guardians of the Galaxy is the most popular comic book movie released by Marvel while “The Dark Knight” continues as DC’s most popular comic book film.

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A total of $250 Million dollars was earned by Guardians of the Galaxy alone, it continues to be the number one box office seller after already being in theatres for three weekends in a rom. Marvel was able to earn a total of nine billion dollars in revenue worldwide from the four movies they released in the 2013-2014 season. It is by far the most money that Marvel has ever had the pleasure of earning.

Marvel also has a plan that goes on for five slates, each slate consisting of a number of different movies. Marvel is currently only on slate three which will end with the second avengers film. Then they’ll move onto slate four and eventually slate five.

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