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Enders Game 2 Is A Go

Enders Game is a new science fiction movie franchise that released its first installment earlier on this year. The movie starred big names such as Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley. Essentially this movie is about a young child who enters the military and begins training, hoping to impress his family he does whatever it takes to become commander. Eventually Ender becomes a commander but finds out that he is forced to do something he never expected, this results in him having to travel the universe for signs of a new planet where he can harbour a new generation of a particular life form.

Enders game

Universal Studios revealed that the sequel to Enders Game, Enders Game 2, will indeed be created and that the films script is currently being written as at press time. This made many fans around the world happy as Enders Game is based around one of the oldest science fiction books known to man and a second one was needed in order to complete the book half way through it. Universal Studios said that they plan to make the Enders Game series an four part movie series. This means fans can expect a minimum of four installments in the Enders Game series.

The films script will be completed by the end of this year and filming will begin next summer. The film is slated for a 2016 Summer release date, we will keep you updated on all Enders Game news as the next installment in the franchise will surely be an exciting one.

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