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Who Holds The World’s Greatest Superhero Performance

There have been a mass amount of Superhero films produced throughout the years. Marvel first started creating their first movies back in the eighties and since then companies like DC Universe, Marvel, Universal Films and Fox have all made their own Superhero Franchises but only one of those franchises can remain supreme and hold the title for the best superhero performance.

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IGN, one of the largest video game news sources in the world revealed that their holding a content for FOX, Marvel, DC Comics, Universal Films and Sony Pictures. This contest will show who holds the best superhero performance in recent years, participating in this contest will allow for you to get a discount bonus code for Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Amazing Spider Man and X-Men First Class.

Currently as of right now The Dark Knight, a Batman film franchise directed by Christopher Nolan is in the lead. It is currently beating out all of its competition by nearly thirty five percent. This doesn’t surprise anyone as The Dark Knight has been considered to be the best superhero franchise since the second installment in the franchise. Christopher Nolan owes his thanks to Heath Ledger, the actor who portrayed the Joker in The Dark Knight. Due to Heath Ledger’s performance The Dark Knight was able to win academy awards and become the most popular superhero film of all time. Still to this day other superhero films will try to recreate the magical formula that made The Dark Knight so popular.

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