Paf Now A Part Of Microgaming Poker Network |

Paf Now A Part Of Microgaming Poker Network

Paf has announced that its “Paf Heart Poker” brand has joined on to the Microgaming Poker Network. This means that Paf will now gain thousands upon thousands of new loyal fans due to the immense amount of popularity that the Microgaming Poker Network has.

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The deal allows players to directly connect to MPN’s poker tables directly through the Paf website. We are unsure as to how this will work in the sense of money, Paf will more than likely get a percentage of all profits made which still will be more than they have ever earned before.

Commenting on the addition, Paf Head of Poker Herbert Paradis said, “We truly do love poker here at Paf. We’re honored to be working alongside Microgaming, the largest gambling firm and software developers in the online gambling market. We cannot wait to see how this new deal will benefit not only ourselves but Microgaming as well. We suspect that it’ll be at least one month before we see any drastic changes in the amount of our player activity.”

Microgaming Head of Network Games Lydia Melton added: “This is by far one of the best integrations we have made throughout our many years of operations. We know that Paf has a long history in the online gambling market, they’ve been able to gain a solid following of players who enjoy their poker experience but we know that by intergrating with our software they’ll be able to reach new levels of popularity and become the powerhouse poker room they were always meant to be.”

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