Fox Potentially Putting X-Men On TV |

Fox Potentially Putting X-Men On TV

The writer and producer behind “X-Men: Days of Future Past” announced today in an interview with Collider Magazine that 20th Century Fox is considering expanding their X-Men Universe by creating television shows based around the property. This doesn’t come as a surprise as recently all of the studios that own a Marvel or DC Comics based property has been venturing on into the Television Market. Marvel has Agents of Shield already with Daredevil and other shows on the way. DC Comics on the other hand has Arrow with The Flash, Hourglass and Gotham in the works.


Creating a television show based around the X-Men Franchise would be an obvious progression for Fox Entertainment. During the interview Simon Kinberg, the producer and writer behind the latest X-Men film said the following: “As of right now I alongside Fox Entertainment are working on figuring out how the X-Men Franchise could work on Television. We realize that there are multiple stories in the X-Men Universe but choosing which one is best for Television can be difficult for everyone involved. We know that we want to have action like Agents of Shield but emotional connections like Arrow. If we can combine both of those elements into one with an amazing story to back it up, we will create a new X-Men Based Television Show.

Fox also owns four different Marvel based properties that they could also choose from. These properties include Fantastic Four, Deadpool, New Mutants and X-Force. We’ll keep you informed on any updates regarding the future of X-Men on TV.

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