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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Games Found In New Mexico Desert

Two decades ago the Atari 2600 was the pinnacle of home based gaming and is still to this day considered to be a major part of gaming history. Unfortunately there has been a mystery surrounding the Atari 2600 for two decades. That mystery revolves around the game “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial”, these game was buried somewhere in the Mexican desert twenty years. E.T. wasn’t the only game to be buried in the desert as Atari took millions of unsold hardware and cartridges to the desert.

Atari 2600

There was never any proof that Atari did this but people always suspected it because the Atari 2600 was pulled from every gaming market in a matter of a day. Atari then released their new console and began releasing new games for that console. Microsoft has taken it upon themselves to go looking for all of these cartridges and unsold Atari 2600’s.

Today Microsoft announced that they have found where these unsold cartridges and consoles were buried in the New Mexico Desert. Microsoft didn’t release any details as to how they found these lost items or what they plan to do with them. The reason for this is because Microsoft is releasing a documentary based around finding these sacred items on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. In order to find out what truly happened to these games and consoles you will need to watch the documentary on one of the consoles you own from Microsoft.

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